Insight sessions in Zoom from 2020

Thursday 23rd January 2020. Lunchtime. we held a highly successful members ‘2020 new product planning’ session.
After the March UK Covid lockdown have now caught up our missed March and May planned ‘insight sessions’ . Do note these new ‘zoom’ dates, which incidentally are ‘free’ in the true spirit of the global emergency. Tuesday May 19th 5pm-6pm. Invited speaker: Chris Collins. Chairman of introduced here by very long term member and project winner through us Henry McNeil. Title: ‘Agile transformation for a new post Covid world’. Post-Meetings slide and files.

Thursday May 28th 5pm-6pm. we have great pleasure in welcoming Founder and CEO of Maybe* Polly Barnfield OBE. UK created, but a global leading innovation in the real-time tracking of social of media activity for guiding ‘the best returns on a company’s social media investment’. Post meeting videos and slides

Thursday 9th July. 5pm-6pm. Key insights into how to improve your critical effectiveness in ‘zoom’ and other virtual conference methods. Driven by Covid lockdown But from here on will be a part of our professional lives. Speaker. Janie van Hool RADA Dip. MA.

Thursday 10th September. 5pm-6pm. Understand ‘the brand’ and indeed insights into the vital importance of ‘you- the personal brand’ . Speakers. Peter and Alex Henry.
Post meeting slideset

Wednesday 23rd September. 5-6pm Zoom insight session. Energy. Speaker: Honorary Member Garth Shephard. In early September 2020 BP issue their major energy report. Energy security and the price of energy is a key subject which affects all economies, all business. Made more complex with the global warming crisis. Nowadays thanks to visionary UK legislation we burn NO coal for electricity in the UK. We have the largest offshore windfarm in the world. Motor cars and other transport move relentlessly towards electric. We still have a long way to go. So what awaits in the future? Post meeting slideset and detailed commentary

Thursday 22nd October Zoom. For planning reasons we decided to move member Leon Benjamin’s talk titled,‘ What is coming at us over the hill’ into January 2021. Leon is author of the prescient ‘Winning by sharing’, his accurate prediction of the growth of the’ gig economy’ and the personal behaviours necessary to navigate these seismic changes well.

Tuesday 24th of November. Our end year 20th Anniversary event in St James Square has now been very sadly cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

Thursday December 10th 5-6pm We have been able build in just one final insight event in Zoom before the end of the year to be delivered by member and IT guru Andrew Pope. Further details will be announced in late November. Post meeting slideset

Costs of 2020 events. Currently our Covid lockdown Zoom ‘insight events’ are free. Just apply to

The 2019 St James Square and 180 Piccadilly London Insight Series consisted of: 24th January New year planning and ‘honour lunch’. Guest: Dame Margaret Hodge MP. 19th March: Member Michael Bayler author of The Liquid Enterprise and evolution of ‘how the network is transforming value’. 21st May: Alex Henry. How the profusion of data and data systems is producing leadership confusion in the top leadership of corperations.7th July. Business psychologist Caroline Gourlay. The failures of leadership The incompetent, the dysfunctional and the absent. To which we can add the dangers of top political leadership- hubris and narcissism. 24th September: Member and author Chris Brown. Preparing for IR35 into the public sector (in short, the senior independent project leader should NEVER be classed as an employee. But conceding that many low level interims ‘are’ indeed employees, but without the normal rights of an employee) . 22nd October: Andrew Henning leader and founder or a highly successful and long established independent digital communications agency 5th December: Our 19th end year event, an anniversary wine dinner. our chosen speaker and wines selected through the unique

All these bi monthly enjoyable non-profit making evening events will either be at 180 Piccadilly or at the Army and Navy Club in St James Square.

As always, all subscribing members receive at the end of every month since 2001 around a ‘12 page valuable independent summary and digest’ of what we have learned of relevance in the market for transformational leadership during the month before. For alumni and our wider network sometimes this full account is sent out, or sometimes a very short reminder of a forthcoming insight meeting. In short the best solution is to be a subscribing member at just £85 a quarter. We are always delighted to receive any feedback or fresh member insights of their own to