Welcome to the extraordinary post- covid world. Driving a ‘transformation’ of ‘transformation’


2024 Client Brochure

2022 Client Brochure

Welcome. Executive Summary

You are a chairman, CEO / main board member or senior public servant. Over the next three years you are probably facing a new set of demands driven by high inflation levels, rising input costs, shortages of talent and likely a general recession in UK.

At the same time that your costs are going up, your inbound revenue is uncertain so directly impacting profitability and cash flow. You have decided that what worked in the past, might not now.

Founded in 2000, Transformation-Leaders is a special, robustly independent, tried and tested proven resource here to help you deliver measurably better successful ‘transformations’ to such challenges within, to and for your organisation, at less risk and lower expense.

If all or any this is of potential interest, then please read on without further delay:

Some of our clients at board level include:

Our Clients

Our private limited company was founded in Bristol, London and Halifax in 2000. We have a number of important UK business successes, as well as with long projects at the top of the UK public sector.

We have also been very involved with a number of successful global transformation projects outside the UK.

Do take time to browse our site, there is MUCH in here. Our 2024 PDF client brochure is easy to download and print out. It tells much about the HUGE value of top freelancers in ‘extracts’ from a remarkable published study for the UK Cabinet from Professor Andrew Burke of Cranfield University.

The current UK economic conditions are extremely challenging for many leaders of organisations. Inflation has reared its uncomfortable head again. Though it is nothing like the 1970s where, in one year, inflation hit 25%, and in another year, to squeeze out inflation, interest rates hit 15%.

Current inflation is driven by a mix of sharply rising energy and grain costs driven by Putin’s attack on the Ukraine; Brexit disruption; the after-effects of 2 years of Covid, and the injection of considerable amounts of covid support cash, alongside a surge in public spending. Global warming is another strategic challenge, as well as an opportunity.

But longer systemic problems underlie the need to constantly address ‘transformation’ of performance in private and public sectors alike. In the next years there will be a considerable flight from assets into cash and a re-alignment of debt at all levels. For those prudently holding cash reserves, rather than managing too much debt, there will be considerable opportunities.

In our long experience STRESS drives CEO’s to ACT, rather than thinking they can do ‘more of the same’. Covid times were great for us and indeed were able to develop www.chairmans-itch.com a new cost-effective way to get a ‘different 16 day view’ on strategy which very much pays for itself in ROI.

Successful transformation is NOT just about cost-saving systems, greater efficiencies, digital transformation being one, alongside the careful protection of assets and customers. But also needs new innovation, often coming from within an organisation uncovered in unexpected places. It is also about driving profitable revenue at the same time.

It is about achieving ‘measurably better’ results, MORE cost effectively. It is also about re-energising teams around ‘purpose’.

And incidentally it is NOT always about cutting ‘people cost’. Far from it. There are great opportunities in INCREASING valuable human ‘value-add’ engagement with customers. Zigging where others zag.

In this we have a simple message. Just the ONE ‘right’ INDEPENDENT board experienced transformation leader can make a huge difference to help you deliver lower costs and reduced risk, working alongside a Chairman, CEO or accountable board director.

Our tried and tested process helps you find and engage ‘the right’ independent ‘trusted advisor’ to help you deliver ‘success’. We are unique.

And not only that, we estimate we have saved our clients around £1M on top of around £6M of project fees won so far comparing our costs to the usual the usual daily add-on, head- renting agency fees. Many of these talent agencies are highly profitable businesses with extensive experience for whom we have a considerable respect.

These projects always lie outside IR35. They are NOT interim roles, but board level ‘projects’ . And indeed, in our process, our clients can compare individual quotes in a different selection process to those of head renting agencies.

It all starts with a reflective confidential conversation with either our MD, David Pinchard or one of our senior team. This costs nothing. We have much valuable insight to share.

It starts with a simple e mail to info@transformation-leaders.com at 180 Piccadilly ideally with a phone number to ring you back so we can talk in complete confidence usually within 24 hours, with our MD David Pinchard. This costs nothing. We have much valuable insight to share.

We are registered in England (Companies House Reg. No. 3645985. topinterim.com Ltd. Founded 2000. VAT Number 742 48 3331)

Are you a board experienced independent transformation leader who loves ‘making a real difference’ and adding ‘real value’ in helping to lead successful transformation?

Why not download this free PDF ?

If you think this describes you and you like what you read, then do send us your CV to info@transformation-leaders.com with obviously your preferred contact number, e -mail and the nearest town where you are based. And we can have a telephone chat. In times where many great and experienced independent leaders languish in huge impersonal databases, you can already see that we are VERY different.

This from just one of our many very long term members in our carefully chosen group of independent transformation leaders. Ex Royal Navy (indeed speaking fluent Cantonese is just one of his skillsets) Mel Petrie MA, MBA,FCIL, FCILT:

“I value my membership particularly because of the high level networking opportunities with fellow high-achieving deliverers of lasting and positive business transformation. Across the full gamut of UK and international commerce, and in the public and’ third sector’, with the widest professional development and projects which membership brings. The end -monthly independent digest of TOPNOTCH keep members fully informed on key and upcoming issues across all media and T-L.com’s insight sessions in St James in London, some nowadays in zoom, complete the most professional and exclusive offering”

So why are we here?

To provide the crucial link between business leaders who need to achieve transformation success and the scarce, highly skilled and experienced, elite group of motivated senior independents.

For our clients. To provide the easiest and best possible access to the scarce resource and extensive knowledge needed to achieve the transformation of their business or organisation, on which its possible survival depends. ‘Trusted advisors’ capable of delivering success.

For our selected members. To provide a gateway to the support and opportunities needed to be a successful independent transformation leader, as part of a highly qualified, skilled and experienced elite group. This is a tried and tested process that has delivered 100% success in over 50 transformational projects so far.

Our Chosen Charity

…is The Ulysses Trust. Patron: King Charles the Third. Helping to support great expeditions for UK cadets and reservists. To inspire the ‘new leaders’ of tomorrow.

In June 2021 after considerable planning in zoom, never actually meeting all the planning team face to face, we here helped put together, working with the remarkable core team of ulyssestrust.co.uk, a’ hour long’ trailblazing information event, in zoom, to a very large national audience interested in learning far more about the ‘Ulysses trust’ just press here to the Vimeo link and settle back to a remarkable ‘look see’ of some of the new ‘young leaders’ in our country of tomorrow. And see the extraordinary effect of leadership and confidence building challenges that great ‘expeditions’ deliver. And a fine live interview with a remarkable British war photographer, himself a RAF cadet in Liverpool in his youth. And then joining up as an artilleryman before his career as a war photographer. And, from his frank account gain some unique insights into the seemingly still endless and harsh civil war in Syria’ . The interview was with Falklands Veteran from 2 Para, now retired Lt Col. Philip Neame MBE a co- founder of the Trust and their first British Winter Assault of Everest.
The Ulysses Trust