Public sector projects 2022-25

Public sector projects 2022-25

If you keep on doing what you have always done, do not be surprised when you get what you have always got!

And when it is a big-ticket high risk project involving change in the public sector, consider ‘why did one of the worlds most respected global consultancies recently write recently that well over half of their transformation projects fail?’

The answer lies partially and importantly in the quality of their consultants, who just sometimes have been re-badged under the client’s name but have actually been quickly recruited to meet the client need. Such consultants are paid a fraction of what the vendor is actually charging you. The vendor may have proposed the ‘A’ team but they sent in the ‘B’ team at the same quoted price.

There could be a very experienced Account Manager in charge but the likelihood is that the experience lies in successfully extending a project timescale and increasing the revenue, to the benefit of the vendor, rather than bringing in a quality solution on time and on budget for the customer.

The key to mitigating such risks is in finding a trusted partner: find the right board experienced independent to work closely with you at the outset, indeed, to help you oversee any big consultancy you might need to hire later, even to help manage a successful tender process.

Finding that ‘right’ senior independent to help is something we have been doing successfully and differently here for 22 years so far. Hiring the ‘right’ senior independent will always be ‘under’ normal public sector tendering thresholds, so it will be a far quicker and much simpler process to put in place. 

These highly experienced senior independents are not to be found on the usual approved contractor and big consultant lists, they are far more valuable as they think and behave differently, where there is a depressing familiarity about the big consultancy solutions offered. These are highly experienced senior independents who are NOT about selling more consultancy time,( the aptly named ‘project creep’), or by slowing the project down.

We help to frame the written project brief with the client, which helps to deliver a high-quality interview shortlist; shortlist interviews will be followed by competitive project quotes from each candidate to facilitate a simple project agreement with the senior independent of your choice. 

The senior candidate will spend a day or so with you and your senior accountable team to understand the problem(s), the scope, the business priorities, the risks and constraints in a little more detail.

In order to propose a timeline and estimate the project work, the senior candidate will initially facilitate the Concept Stage at the outset to change your project methodologies to deliver better success.

Our own fee with our clients is a simple, separate, pre-agreed amount payable on hiring success. We have saved our clients some millions so far, compared to sourcing via the usual head-renting agency processes.

ACTION Why not find out more about us at Make a call to our MD on 020 7830 9663 or a simple email to A chat with us costs nothing, and we will be happy to share our own successful experiences. And you will be surprised at what a difference we can deliver to help you towards project success. On time and on budget.