We are sad in a way that we did not record the speech by client main board director of Panasonic UK, Nigel Cowmeadow, in 2006 on the crucial importance of how to control 100 top consultants with the help of two of our topinterim members, or John Gummer MP on his views on Climate Change in 2007, or indeed Vince Cable and Rear Admiral Amjad Hussain at our Chatham House symposium on the Public Sector Business in the heat of the 2008 banking meltdown in November of that year.

Vince Cable, BIS Minister between 2010-2015 predicted clearly in late 2008 what the 2010 election would be like. He also warned us that history tells us that ‘austerity’ plays very badly with the electorate!

But by the time of our 2011 symposium arrived we videoed the presentation by (now) Dr, then Professor, Chris Bones, Dean Emeritus of Henley Business School and his dazzling address to members and clients on Executive Pay, following his book ‘The Cult on the Leader’. Here it is on the right hand side of our website (just scroll down). Settle down to 40 minutes and see just how ‘on the button’ he is. Nothing has yet changed in the ever widening gap between the workers who produce the ROI and those that have their hands on the levers of executive pay. In a world of short sound bites nothing equals the development of an argument by a real expert over 40 minutes.

In 2012 for our 12th birthday event we invited client Penny Thompson CBE, now CEO of Brighton and Hove Council to talk through how as MD of the General Care Council, the Regulator for all Social Workers in the UK how she led her employees, in then the second largest employer in Rugby, to raise their game, prepare for transfer into another regulator and shut down. See our event video section on the right hand side of our site (just scroll down) for her address which she gave her permission to broadcast for the management insights on change contained in this remarkable case history.

For our 13th birthday national members and clients event on the 27th of November 2013, the topic was ‘Insights into UK energy’, on this occasion no video was shot as the contents were sensitive and the event was held under Chatham House Rule. Banking, Oil and Energy and now Data has joined the top table as the key drivers in the world and private and public sectors have to pay considerable attention to these subjects for new insights.

In 2014 we ran further highly successful London ‘insight events’ for members and top clients in St James Square, London on Globalisation of Health (June), Globalisation of Banking (September) and Globalisation and Data (November).

In 2015 we ran a number of ‘insight events’ as we do each year for members and clients included a historic St James Square, London event in the summer with where five key whistleblowers presented to us their stories, one of whom was the ex risk director of HBOS, who bravely defied his gagging legal agreement to expose the culpability of then board of HBOS when the crash he predicted to his board finally occurred. Ex HBOS Risk Director Chris Moore’s remarkable recently published book ‘Crash, Bank Wallop’ on his 10 year battle for justice is available on Amazon. ‘Whistleblowing nearly killed me’, he says. Another speaker at this unique T-L event was an ex HR director in the NHS. Also a brave British, retired British Army Signaller, Lt. Colonel exposing corruption in Saudi defence contracting. At the time he was a key founder and Chairman of WBUK.

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