2008-2021 Accelerating Change and now add the driver of Covid

The Covid pandemic since the spring of 2020 has dramatically accelerated many of the changes we have already been tracking. Since we deal in the successful transformation of businesses and organisations this has also accelerated demand.

Every two months we normally hold unique face to face ‘insight sessions’ in London St James for members, alumni and clients (see right hand page for details). Since Covid broke in 2020 we have changed to running more sessions for larger audiences in Zoom. These have been very popular.

We have identified a number of key market shifts since the banking crash of 2008. These and many other valuable insights we have covered since 2001 in our insight events over the years. In November 2018 we summarised them as
1. ‘Future thinker’ Charles Russam estimates that in the UK 45% of our 30 million ‘in work’ are now ‘self-drive’ workers. 55% in normal PAYE taxed employment. This makes the UK profoundly different to Europe. Fast, innovative and flexible. Freelance and portfolio workers have become absolutely KEY to our present and future UK economy. The real issue is how best to find and engage them.
2. The need to bring our ever- growing public sector (around half of UK GDP) to become measurably BETTER for less cost.
3. The growth of both challenges and opportunities coming from China.
4. The accelerating effects of digital development. Ai, Robotics, big data, blockchain. Which, in the view of PWC , will remove current jobs of around 7 million in the UK over the next 10 years, to be replaced by functions only dimly envisaged.
5. The growing effects of global warming, pollution, and sustainable energy systems, and the accelerating move to electric transport.
6. Finally the ever more intrusive penetration of computer operating systems in wireless phones, the first of which, the Apple iphone, only appeared from the late Steve Jobs in a historic ‘streamed’ cast from California in June 2007. The Android open source system very rapidly followed.

In short, if you are not a lifetime learner, as our members are here, you will never keep up.