Welcome to the extraordinary post- covid world. Driving a ‘transformation’ of ‘transformation’


2023 Client Brochure

2022 Client Brochure

How Prepared is your organisation for this extraordinary post-Covid world?

And not only Covid, which has just added to all the other changes, many on them disruptive including; A brutal invasion of the Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022 by Kremlin dictator Putin; damaging all citizen’s winter energy budget provisions, and thus driving some very expensive Government subsidies from already overall very stretched tax revenues; a disruption of some key world food commodity prices going forward into 2022 harvests; the end of the 2% of GDP , post the collapse of the USSR peace dividends, and thus a dramatic overall raising of defence budgets; digitisation; the disruption of conventional supply chains; the exponential growth of data collection combined with the artificial intelligence to interpret it; flatter employee structures. The relentless development of hybrid working, producing serious cost savings, but also considerable management challenges. Then there is our huge, unwieldy and expensive public sector under serious stress after the banking crisis and Brexit. The list of drivers for change is endless.

Transformation is Imperative for success and indeed survival

Never has there been a greater imperative for organisations to keep ‘transforming’ – to become ‘measurably better’ – at less cost.

Selecting the right partner

Over the last 22 years Transformation-Leaders has had a 100% record in successfully delivering over 50 important projects at board level, through finding the ‘right’ senior board experienced, ethical, independent who will deliver remarkable returns. It is our delight to help a Chairman, CEO and a board to lead successful change, future proof the organisation and improve the bottom line.

Compare this with the 75% of life-threatening and expensive transformational failure rate of the major consultancies.

And, in 2021 we introduced ‘The Chairman’s Itch’, an innovative opportunity for a 10-16 day ‘Strategy Health Check’ which has already proven to produce valuable fresh insights to help successful transformation, and drive remarkable returns on investment.

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Want to know more?

Why not download our 2023 client Brochure, above? Or better still ring our MD on 020 7830 9663 or email info@transformation-leaders.com for a preliminary chat in complete confidence and we will be delighted to share what we have learned.

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Some of our clients at board level include:

Our Clients

Are you a board experienced independent transformation leader who loves ‘making a real difference’ and adding ‘real value’ in helping to lead successful transformation?

Why not download this free PDF ?

If you think this describes you and you like what you read, then do send us your CV to info@transformation-leaders.com with obviously your preferred contact number, e -mail and the nearest town where you are based. And we can have a telephone chat. In times where many great and experienced independent leaders languish in huge impersonal databases, you can already see that we are VERY different.

This from just one of our many very long term members in our carefully chosen group of independent transformation leaders. Ex Royal Navy (indeed speaking fluent Chinese is just one of his skillsets) Mel Petrie MA, MBA,FCIL, FCILT:

“I value my membership particularly because of the high level networking opportunities with fellow high-achieving deliverers of lasting and positive business transformation. Across the full gamut of UK and international commerce, and in the public and’ third sector’, with the widest professional development and projects which membership brings. The end -monthly independent digest of TOPNOTCH keep members fully informed on key and upcoming issues across all media and T-L.com’s insight sessions in St James in London, some nowadays in zoom, complete the most professional and exclusive offering”

So why are we here?

To provide the crucial link between business leaders who need to achieve transformation success and the scarce, highly skilled and experienced, elite group of motivated senior independents.

For our clients. To provide the easiest and best possible access to the scarce resource and extensive knowledge needed to achieve the transformation of their business or organisation, on which its possible survival depends. ‘Trusted advisors’ capable of delivering success.

For our selected members. To provide a gateway to the support and opportunities needed to be a successful independent transformation leader, as part of a highly qualified, skilled and experienced elite group. This is a tried and tested process that has delivered 100% success in over 50 transformational projects so far.

Our Chosen Charity

…is The Ulysses Trust. Patron: King Charles the Third. Helping to support great expeditions for UK cadets and reservists. To inspire the ‘new leaders’ of tomorrow.

In June 2021 after considerable planning in zoom, never actually meeting all the planning team face to face, we here helped put together, working with the remarkable core team of ulyssestrust.co.uk, a’ hour long’ trailblazing information event, in zoom, to a very large national audience interested in learning far more about the ‘Ulysses trust’ just press here to the Vimeo link and settle back to a remarkable ‘look see’ of some of the new ‘young leaders’ in our country of tomorrow. And see the extraordinary effect of leadership and confidence building challenges that great ‘expeditions’ deliver. And a fine live interview with a remarkable British war photographer, himself a RAF cadet in Liverpool in his youth. And then joining up as an artilleryman before his career as a war photographer. And, from his frank account gain some unique insights into the seemingly still endless and harsh civil war in Syria’ . The interview was with Falklands Veteran from 2 Para, now retired Lt Col. Philip Neame MBE a co- founder of the Trust and their first British Winter Assault of Everest.
The Ulysses Trust