Welcome to the extraordinary post- covid world. Driving a ‘transformation’ of ‘transformation’

2020 Client Brochure

2020 Client Brochure

Welcome to the extraordinary post- covid world. Driving a ‘transformation’ of ‘transformation’

Never has there been a greater imperative for organisations to keep ‘transforming’ – to become ‘measurably better’ – at less cost.

All of us are driven by globalisation; the ‘digitisation of everything’ ; the disruption of conventional supply chains; more and more precise information systems; flatter employee structures. Our huge, unwieldy and expensive public sector is especially under serious stress after the banking crisis and Brexit. The list of drivers for change is endless.

Over the last 19 years we have seen too many examples of clients hiring big, very expensive consultancies which can produce horrible, life-threatening failures. When finding the ‘right’ senior board experienced, ethical, independent can deliver remarkable returns. It is our delight to help a CEO and a board to lead successful change and improve the bottom line.

Why not download our 2020 Client Brochure above? Or ring our MD on 020 7830 9663 or email info@transformation-leaders.com for a preliminary chat and we will be delighted to share what we have learned. transformation-leaders.com. 180 Piccadilly, London W1J 9HF, Bristol and Halifax. Registered in England. (3645985-topinterim.com Ltd . Vat number 74248 3331)


Our successful track record

We have proved our track record over and over again in over £5M+ of successful transformational projects so far delivering many millions of transformational returns for our clients. What is also stunning is the £1m of ‘sourcing savings’ we have made for our clients saving dramatically over the daily ‘percentage add-on costs’ made by the 200 or so interim agents in the UK nowadays. When we started in 2000 there were only about 30 interim agents in the UK. However, ALL interim agents are ‘zagging’ in the same costly ‘head-renting’ way’.



Successful client projects include – Vodafone, Panasonic, Tata Technologies, Yeo Valley, Flogas, GB Oils, Optimax, The Stationery Office, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, DHL and a host of fast growing UK private sector businesses. In the public sector- The Crown Prosecution Service, FWAG (DEFRA), General Social Care Council, Ordnance Survey, The Legal Services Board.

Do you as a successful board level independent ‘zig’ when so many of the rest ‘zag’? Then you might be for us.

For over 19 years so far, as successful independent top project ‘marriage brokers’ between your talent and MD’s and top decision makers we have avoided collecting large unwieldy and impersonal databases. We are also quite definitely NOT daily- percentage ‘head renting interim agents’, though there are a number of good high client fee ‘head- renters’ who we have come to like for their good ethical values over time. We happily refer them to others, if we are asked. This is a big and ever- growing market.

Our members suggest that every independent needs firstly to be a fine networking, thought leading ‘self-hunter’, and also, over time, build ‘relationships of trust’ with about 6 good ‘head-renters’ out of around 80 nowadays. A perplexing complexity for any individual to cope with.

We have only ever aimed to look after a defined maximum of 150 subscribing members. We can and have happily successfully sourced 12 major projects a year from these numbers. Average size of project has been £95K a time. To protect your important privacy we have never published our members and alumni list.

Here is what one of our long standing members, one of our highly successful world banking and ‘China experts’ and an expert in new gaming theory in decision making, says

‘Transformation Leaders is a long-established board level Executive Project sourcing firm in the field of business and organisational transformation. David Pinchard, MD, has an ability to look well ahead at the strategic drivers of disruption both internationally and locally and to decipher the precise needs for business change projects and, with pinpoint accuracy, after careful face to face confidential briefing, arrive at the right two to three candidates for key shortlist interview by a client to meet these challenges head-on. Transformation Leaders has a strong track record for’ best in class talent’ that can square up to any leading consulting firm to deliver measurably better results for a far simpler and less costly fee, compared to the widely available head-renting agency model. In addition, I have attended many of T-L’s Thought Leadership ‘insight events’ in London and Bristol over the years and they have provided unparalleled insight to the big issues of the day. Providing a continuous development opportunity for independent change leaders to widen their breadth of understanding to support their projects in an ever faster-paced world. I would highly recommend talking to David about your transformational needs and taking a very close look at the T-L model and his 100+ handpicked Executive class experienced Transformation Leaders from all key board disciplines’.

Joining, when invited, costs just £195. This includes your first quarterly of £85 and includes the creation of your ‘short anonymous half page CV digest’ – topinterim.com Ltd. 2000-2019. TM ) After that it is just £85 a quarter starting 3 months after joining, by simple standing order, using the secure gocardless system.

2008-2020. Accelerating Change.

Every two months we hold unique insight sessions in London St James for members, alumni and clients ( see right hand column of our home page)

We have identified a number of key market shifts since the banking crash of 2008. These and many other valuable insights we have covered since 2001 in our insight events over the years. In November 2018 we summarised them as
1. ‘Future thinker’ Charles Russams estimates that in the UK 45% of our 33 million ‘in work’ are now ‘self-drive’ workers. 55% in normal PAYE taxed employment. This makes the UK profoundly different to Europe. Fast, innovative and flexible. Freelance and portfolio workers have become absolutely KEY to our present and future UK economy. The real issue is how best to find and engage them.
2. The need to bring our ever- growing public sector (around half of UK GDP) to become measurably BETTER for less cost.
3. The growth of both challenges and opportunities coming from China.
4. The accelerating effects of digital development. Ai, Robotics, big data, blockchain. Which, in the view of PWC , will remove current jobs of around 7 million in the UK over the next 10 years, to be replaced by functions only dimly envisaged.
5. The growing effects of global warming, pollution, and sustainable energy systems, and the accelerating move to electric transport.
6. Finally the ever more intrusive penetration of computer operating systems in wireless phones, the first of which, the Apple iphone, only appeared from the late Steve Jobs in a historic ‘streamed’ cast from California in June 2007. The Android open source system very rapidly followed.

In short, if you are not a lifetime learner, as our members are here, you will never keep up.

Our Chosen Charity

…is The Ulysses Trust. Patron: The Prince of Wales. Helping to support great expeditions for UK cadets and reservists. To inspire the ‘new leaders’ of tomorrow.
The Ulysses Trust