2018 Client Brochure

2018 Client Brochure

Since our foundation in the UK in 2000 our unique groundbreaking independent business model has delivered knowledge and insight to the market for the successful ‘transformation of performance’, to both senior board level independents and those who lead organisations. The injection of the ‘right’ senior independent leader in a project to work alongside a client MD and board can very often help deliver sustainable improvements at far better ‘Return on Investment’ and at less risk than a whole army of expensive consultants.


Our successful track record

We have proved our track record over and over again in our around £4 million of successful transformational projects so far delivering many millions of transformational returns for our clients. What is also stunning is the £1m of ‘sourcing savings’ we have made for our clients saving dramatically over the daily ‘percentage add-on costs’ made by the 200 or so interim agents in the UK nowadays. When we started in 2000 there were only about 30 interim agents in the UK.



Successful client projects include – Vodafone, Panasonic, Tata Technologies, Yeo Valley, Flogas, GB Oils, Optimax, The Stationery Office, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, DHL and a host of fast growing UK private sector businesses. In the public sector- The Crown Prosecution Service, FWAG (DEFRA), General Social Care Council, Ordnance Survey, The Legal Services Board.

Are you a MD or major shareholders seeking independent transformation leadership solutions?

Perhaps our successful strategy review day, or a transition or transformation project, or even a small multi disciplinary team?

Why not just pick up the phone and ask to talk in complete confidence to our MD David Pinchard on +44 (0)20 7830 9663*

Or email info@transformation-leaders.com

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Membership? First steps.

Are you a great independent transformation leaders and interested in being considered for membership? We have always had a ceiling of membership of never more than 150 remarkable board level individuals from all board disciplines from strategy to post merger integration, from supply chain and logistics to HR, from finance to sales, from marketing to digital.

In short, we have never been interested in building large inhuman databases.

Our clients will always want to know the warp and weft of any candidate in a shortlist This comes of meeting and getting to know members over time in our London meetings and one on one conversations. We actively encourage dialogue between members. Our culture is very much one of ‘enlightened self interest’.

Many a project for our members has been brought about by warm, but dispassionate, referral of our unique paradigm to another MD or chairman. We have a very considerable track record of successful projects for our clients (some £4M of fees so far won by our members with many millions of ROI for our clients) sourced through our unique process. with the added bonus to clients of very substantial savings over the conventional interim agency ‘head renters’ add- on costs . We estimate over £1M of savings so far.

Membership is currently just £85 plus vat a quarter, if membership is offered after interview. You need a ‘must see CV at board level’ and a fine linkedin profile, showing a career of considerable success. You should not be seeking an employed board post again, knowing full well that a senior independent is able to lead much more successful change, as an independent.

This means that you will have good personal financial reserves to enable you to turn the wrong projects down and to make sure you have the personal financial strength to ‘speak truth to power’ to your client in way that many an employee, no matter how senior, cannot. Dependence on fees, over the critical importance of your own reputation for integrity, is a recipe for disaster.

The process of winning projects is a highly complex one. Never seek to join our membership thinking projects will automatically follow. No intermediary, and there are now 200_ ‘head renting’ interim agents in the UK, converts more than a very small percentage of their databases into projects every year.

In our most successful year so far we converted over 10% of our membership into projects. No agency got close to that. Our real benefits lie in knowledge, insights and continuous learning in groups and through a constant pulse of monthly data about this market started in 1991. Starting in 2001, we write and publish a ‘private T-L members end monthly newsletter’ . It is the longest published independent summary and archive about the role and life of senior independent board level project leaders in the UK, perhaps in the world. These information packed newsletters are usually about 12 pages a month.

There are many other benefits to membership which are covered at interview.

Our already 17 year independent journey, so far, very much demonstrates the success of our very different and successful approach.

We have always run members ‘insight meetings’ usually in London every two months or so on a wide range of topics. Some at are large, 80 or so, like those we held at Chatham House in St James Square with major key note speakers like John Gummer on climate change and Vince Cable on ‘the public sector business’. Some, like three successful independent setieces with our members and keynote speakers on The Globalisation of Energy, The Globalisation of Health, The Globalisation of Banking, and ‘Globalisation and Data’. These take many months to plan but are extraordinarily revealing and of course ‘independent’ in their outlook.

Members are offered special prices well below other invitees.

To begin the process in complete confidence please contact our MD on +44 (0)20 7830 9663, info@transformation-leaders.com or contact us.