About Us

What is and who are transformation-leaders? A little history.

From our foundation in 2000 as topinterim.com, as an independent and innovative British owned company we always knew that the way that over 200 interim agents nowadays were rewarded was a misalignment of the ‘return on investment’ to the client in hiring an intermediary to help.

In short, the interim agency percentage ‘daily add’, collected throughout the project does not reflect where the true value of intermediary sourcing lay.

Experienced agents and intermediaries can be enormously helpful in the briefing process and the ensuing shortlist interviews against a carefully drafted and approved deliverables brief ( NOT an HR driven employment brief incidentally!) .

After that both client and chosen candidate far prefer a one- to- one project agreement.

Having facilitated such an agreement, our job is done and we step back. An agent however hangs around for the length of the project to bill a client the day by day a fee, including their (substantial) commission. They take their commission and then pay the candidate. As an example. A bill to a client by an agent might be £900 a day but only paying the candidate who really is doing the work just £600 per day. Not for nothing is this called ‘head renting’.

Unwary clients can and do often end up paying on a £60K project £30K in fees alone in daily add ons, sometimes more, sometimes less, to an agent. On one highly effective but lengthy £200K board level project, sourced through us, our world leading client would have also paid, on top, over £100K in additional agency costs, had they sourced through an interim agent – against what we charged was a far lesser mix of a modest pre agreed fixed fee on hiring success and a modest again pre agreed separate fee charged separately at the end of every month of a project.

Since our foundation in 2000 in all of our successful projects we began to see that our own rigorous candidate selection procedure, where we weed out those ‘independents’ who are not serious about independence ( a key part of their value to any client) started to work. We saw that every project we were handling was not ‘interim’ at all, but that what they delivered was something really important. Transformation leadership . Hence, in 2010 our own gradual change in name away from topinterim.com ( which is what we certainly all are) to reflect what we deliver to our clients.

In short the word ‘interim’ has , like ‘consultancy’ come to mean many different things. We quite definitely are not ‘daily rate’ cheap interim gap fillers. At our level, clients need the ‘very good’ and the ‘very experienced’ board level independents, allied to the best ‘attitudes’, ethics and integrity to help them deliver to clients something which is always difficult and filled with risk- transition . And, if it all works well and it almost always does, transformation of a department or organisation is what ensues.

Measurably better for less cost is the usual goal of any client. And every organisation has to be constantly seeking change as competition is always relentless.

So, if you want help with your project deliverables brief, a shortlist of top quality from which YOU can make an agreement with the best candidate from whom you choose to interview in our unique tried and tested process, (which incidentally saves you a lot of money) then, happily we are still unique and have a very considerable track record of project success. Just e mail info@transformation-leaders.com to start a initially free discussion in STRICT CONFIDENCE.