Member Project Successes

Here are just some of our, currently around, 100 hand- picked members and past members (our alumni) who have won substantial board level projects via our unique process.

The overall value in fees earned by our members on these projects is understated at around £5M plus, and the ROI to our happy clients have been in the order of many millions. Some members have won more than one successful project via us over the years, with over £1M of savings to our clients in using our unique process, over sourcing via head- renting interim agents.

Tim Arnold (3), James Benson FCA , Lyn Blackman FCA , Iain Buntain ICIS, Colin Butcher, Stella Cairns, John Cheal (3), Iain Chisholm (2) Rory Clayton (3) Val Cross, Bill Dailey, Philip de Lisle, Lee Gannon, Neil Gibbons, James Haddock FCA, Hugh Hancock, Graeme Holt FCA , John Hurcomb, Simon Jones FCA (2) Tim Kneller, Philip Lindsell FCA (2) Mark Manning (2), Martin Matthews FCA , Tony McKenna, Henry McNeill, Jan Edgerton, Paul Phillips, Howard Sandom, Dr Paul Shepherd, Anthony Stewart, Alan Caldwell FCA, Stephen Fischer, Roger Wood, Paul Hemsley FCA etc.