Candidate Contact

Are you a ‘great independent transformation leader’?

Independent transformation leaders are the ‘top of the tree’ of senior interim. Since our foundation as a successful independent UK company in 2000- month in, month out, we look for them. Sadly we invite very few to be members of our unique managed community of senior independents each year but always do our best to offer best advice to those great independents who contact us.

The first step is for us to see your CV. This and your LinkedIn profile are key pieces of evidence for a client that you are good enough. We’ll then send you next a short letter and a mechanism for you to forward us your CV.

Please send over your CV attached to an email to with your preferred telephone contact number and ideally a postcode of where you live (geography increasingly matters to both client and candidate) and we will try and ring you back to have a chat within 24 hours.