What does successful transformation ‘cost’ and the legal stuff?

How long is a piece of string?’ is the short answer. But it always starts with a conversation with a Chairman, a Chief Executive, or a board member with our MD, David Pinchard, or one of his senior team to draft out, in writing a ‘project brief’. This is critical in getting the ‘best’ out of the ensuing shortlist candidate interviews.

What would a measurable transformation success look like? What would the bottom-line benefits look like? What are the risks of failure?  Or the risks of a delay to ‘act’?

Over 22 years now we have specialised in being a very effective niche ‘marriage broker’ Enabling so far 50 very significant project successes at board level. Our fundamental belief is that finding the ‘right’ board experienced ethical independent to work alongside a CEO or board member can often be lower risk, lower cost, and, counter-intuitively, more effective than cohorts of big brand consultants. Good though the ‘big consultancy brands’ can be in ‘sector benchmarking’, and major complex strategy work.

There are simply 3 ways of looking at problems and costs. Any top independent outsider has to help a client make more money; save money; or make a client’s life easier.

We have sourced projects that have cost £20K and delivered very significant ROI to a happy client.  Or, one recently that cost our client £280K in total, including our successful very fast and effective sourcing cost. That recent project lasted just over a year and literally ‘saved’ a major long established and critical organisation inside the UK training establishment. Handed over, ‘transformed’, stable and ready for its next phase of development post- Covid.

The ‘cost’ is entirely dependent on the ‘value’ we, and they, add.

This is NOT like hiring an employee. Our people are ‘senior experienced trusted advisors’ to their clients.  Our task here is to help find ‘the right’ independent to help a Chairman, CEO, or board director deliver ‘measurable project success’.

It costs NOTHING to talk in complete confidence to our MD. Just ring our Piccadilly office 020 7830 9663 or ‘e’ to  and we can see how best to advise you. This conversation is strictly confidential and indeed absolutely free. No client project is the same. Every organisational culture is unique.

The legal stuff.

We are not an employment agency helping clients hire top independent board level talent, and charging their agency ‘commission’ inside a single monthly agency intermediary invoice

Or indeed taking a payment on the successful conclusion of a project. Or a transfer of an independent into a fully employed role, thus saving major head hunter costs, as sometimes happens. All ‘cost’ is based on the independent expert’s pre-agreed daily or monthly fee.

A classic good head-renting agency ‘split’ is 1/3 on any monthly fee going to a head renting agent. Then 2/3 to the senior independent, who wins a project and ‘delivers’ to the project objectives. As an example, a £100K ‘project’ can become £150K when sourced through a good head- renting agent.

At the start of the hiring process here we pre- agree with a client our own ‘price on hiring success’ mainly based on a ‘hiring success’.  Overall, we work on rather less than half than what a good interim agent would charge. There are many excellent head- renting agents out in the market who are ‘reassuringly expensive’. We know a number who are highly recommendable, ethical and good at what they do.

We cannot undertake any responsibility for the truth or accuracy of what our candidates say about themselves or in their CV’s. Any candidate’s referees should be checked by the client in the final stages of a hiring. Similarly, we cannot be held responsible for any aspects of their work

The internet is particularly transparent. Trust and integrity has always been the glue that holds any reputable business and its clients together. With unlimited data on the Internet, it is the reliability of the source of the data which is imperative.

The “full CV” is the property of the candidate, and, as such, will not be released without the express permission of the candidate. Likewise, permission to contact a candidate’s referees has to be expressly given by the candidate to the prospective client later in the process.

transformation-leaders gives control of the whole client /independent written project agreement back to the candidate and the client. This is simpler and much preferred by client and chosen candidate alike.

We are covered by a comprehensive package of professional insurance. Any action will be instantly passed on to our UK insurers’ lawyers. We do not currently practice in the USA or Canada. But, likewise all our candidates have to have excellent personal professional indemnity insurance of their own. is the client service division of Ltd. The founding parent, ltd, was founded in the UK in 2000 and is a limited company registered in England and Wales. It is registered under the Data Protection Act.

Company number: 3645985.Vat Number 742 48 3331 Our London base is: 180 Piccadilly, London W1J 9HF. 020 7830 9663. From the outset our key highly sophisticated and data rich website is still run out of Halifax UK, when robustly independent and now global were very early and very successful website pioneers.